Domy Books is pleased to present

Hammer of Power
New work by Matt Lock

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Domy Books - Austin
913 E Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX 78702
7-9pm, FREE

Exhibition runs July 21-August 30, 2012
The artist will be present at the opening.
The "might is right" approach makes for a highly organized, albeit sadistic, low-tech paradise in my latest series of drawings. I started out with a strong desire to make a lot of utopian scenes as I was no longer satisfied drawing crumbling post-apocalyptic wastelands. A few battle scenes worked as a back story, illustrating the path of destruction leading towards the pieces showing the aforementioned low-tech paradise. The project morphed into something more sinister when I began to take inspiration from 70's giallo and sexploitation movies, turning the emotionless masked-faced characters into sadistic humanoid traffickers and general bullies. It all came together smoothly, as all the drawings depicting comfortable leisure scenes and polished futuristic lodgings were offset by an open and unabashed darkness; a kind of payoff for order/organization.

Note that there is absolutely no intention of transmitting any political message here. It's kind of just a combination of grim medieval interests with fading visions of a sexless technological utopia. I like the idea of illustrating some kind of necessary "evil" point in history in which cold tyrants make all kinds of great leaps of progress...all brains and no hearts perhaps.

Matthew Lock is a 27 year old artist currently living and working out of New Jersey. The bulk of Lock's artwork is made up of detailed line-drawings on standard sized pastel paper. He paints with acrylics from time to time and dabbles in watercolours every so often. Obvious inspirations are science-fiction, post-apocalyptic or futuristic landscapes, medieval art, mysteries, and awkward situations. In the past few years, his work has been featured around the globe in large group shows. Places of note include: Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, New York City, Los Angeles and London (to name a few.) Matt has had solo books published by Nieves Books, Éditions du Livre, and Cederteg Publishing. In addition his art has been featured in many books featuring international artists. In April 2010, Lock had his first solo exhibition at Feinkunst Krüger in Hamburg, Germany.